Mission of the firm (CHANKYA Division) :-
To enable politicians to access the local, national and global politics by offering them a wide range of political knowledge. Increase intellectual capacity & reflection to general public.


  • Division to act as a political Strategist.
  • A proactive strategic catalyst who help politicians to set goal, fix agenda, objectives & shape the future plan with its execution plans.
  • Clear reputation for ethical and decent conduct in politics.
  • Clear political vision and knowledge of all politicized systems.
  • Excellent advisory and consulting skills.
  • Helps to enhance negotiating and communicating skills.
  • Manage working relationships with external lobbyists and political leader.
  • Identify and participate in key political and diplomatic networks.
  • Understanding of political issues and how a system can strategically face the challenges of the local, national and global problems.
  • Skills and a reputation to develop road map for targeted relationship building and lobbying with key influencers.
  • Design a keen sense of political protocol .
  • Ability to work comfortably and effectively with top level government officials of either side of the political spectrum and with association leader.
  • Ability to work in an action oriented, decision-making environment and be decisive.
  • Training for Contesting Candidates.
  • Training for decision making board.
  • Motivational Training for Active Party Workers.
  • Interaction Plan for well wishers.
  • All types of speech preparation.
  • Appeal Letters / Introductory Letters / Letters from Celebrities / Manifesto etc.
  • Defining & Executing strategies



Election Management System
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